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Instructions & Tips To Stitch Your Baby Mat

Follow our tutorials and top tips for stitching up your Baby Mat!

Get ready to 'Sew As they Grow'..!

There is no ‘correct way’ to stitch your mat! Experiment as you like, and add as much or little to your mat as you wish. You can sew over the lines of the sunshine to bring extra colour. 


Watch our video to see the tomato embroidered using backstitch, then follow along with the detailed step by step instructions below.


The Basics: Step by step 

Dividing your thread

- Our embroidery thread is made up of 6 strands. We recommend splitting your thread in half to 3 strands for the main outlines (but you can use a mixture of thicknesses for various textures.)

- Separate the threads in half at one end - then gently pull them apart. 


- The thread has a tendency to tangle so it is best to keep the other end taught as you separate them (a third hand is helpful if you have someone nearby!)


- Now thread your needle (moisten the ends to help guide all 3 strands through) and tie a knot in the other end. You're ready to start stitching! 



Backstitch is brilliant for outlining the vegetables and is the perfect stitch to master as a beginner. 

- Starting from the back of the fabric, push your needle through the grey outline at your starting point, pulling the thread fully through. 


- Put your needle back down about 3mm along the grey outline. Pull the thread firmly through to make your first stitch. 


- Push your needle back up through the fabric another 3mm along the outline from your last stitch. Pull the thread fully through. 


 - Now push your needle back down the same hole as your last stitch so that the line has no gaps. 


- Continue to stitch 3mm ahead and then back down the previous hole to make a continuous line... this is backstitch!