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Take our quiz to discover your Gifting Style!

With the festive season around the corner I've made a rather exciting short quiz so that we can tailor gift ideas according to your Gifting Style! Simply choose the answer that best describes you!

Then scroll to the bottom to find out your Gifting Style 👇🏼

Mostly A's

As a creative and crafty person yourself you love giving gifts that are meaningful and from the heart. You'd rather put in extra time than extra money to make it special.
Make the most of these cosy Autumn nights to get cracking on gift projects that you can personalise with their name, favourite phrase or zodiac sign. (Check out our Inspiration for other ideas)


Mostly B's

You love a bargain - keep an eye out for our special Black (Rainbow) Friday offers this year to get something really special at an amazing price. For the extra special person in your life, why not add on our Pre-stitch Monogram service to give them something truly unqiue and hand-crafted.


Mostly C's

You have great intentions but tend to leave things rather last minute. You don't want to be faffing around with stitching anything Christmas Eve, so opt for a kit or hamper that they can complete in their own time.
Make the most of our free Express delivery (when you spend £65 or more) by bundling up to tick 3 or 4 people off your list at once!



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