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Two weeks in Southern Italy

Naples truly is unlike anywhere I’ve been in Europe. The contrast from glamourous northern Italy could not be more stark. Everywhere you go the city is bustling with mopeds screaming past you, in streets barely larger than your wingspan. It's a disorientating city, where many of the alleys look the same and the amount of light reaching the street is minimal.

Naples is the gateway to the Almalfi coast, and a stone's throw away are some of the most picturesque islands in the world: Capri, Procida and Ischia.

Procida is a cute, tiny and colourful island with amazing food and a great place to spend an afternoon. Ischia is the largest of the three islands and a rather quiet, laid-back island. 

Capri has been the retreat of the super-rich for thousands of years, with roman emperors building their summer homes on the island.

The best way to see the island is from the sea, and renting a small boat cost around €140 a day. The island has hundreds of superyachts all around it, crystal clear water and awe inspiring shorelines with hidden sea caves. 

On the mainland the Amalfi coast is equally breath-taking with beautiful towns dotted along it - such as Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Ravello.

Rent a car and drive from Naples along this coast for possibly the most beautiful road in the world. On the way back the sites of vesuvius overlooking Naples will make your jaw drop. 


Would it be possible to mention italy without mentioning food either? Here’s a small sample of some of the food we gorged ourselves on. Most places around Naples are very affordable, fresh and delicious. The stand out restaurant of the holiday was Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo, which served the best pizza by a distance in Naples and at €5 a pizza was hard to turn down!!!


Crosses on Southern Italy added to Martin's densely stitched Passport Cover 


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