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Unique Father’s Day Ideas from independent design brands!

Father’s Day is coming around soon and if you’re anything like me you’ll follow these steps:

  • Mark it in your calendar and feel smug that this year you’re on top of it. (It’s 17th June for the UK! Put it in now)
  • Immediately spend 20 minutes googling ideas
  • Scroll through hundreds of ‘World Greatest Dad’ mugs, t-shirts and general tat.
  • Get demoralised / uninspired / distracted and forget all about it
  • ...Realise the day before that you’ve totally messed up and panic buy a Mars bar and a cheap bottle of beer.  

But not this year!

There's still time, so here are some unique ideas that you can click to order right now and will be sure to show you’ve given Dad a little thought. 


1. Stitchable Leather Luggage Tag, £20 // Chasing Threads

Truly nothing says love like something handmade - but not all of us have time to knock-up a work of art every year. But with just one spare evening you can make your Dad something special that doesn’t require artistic talents, a workshop or paint-overalls... Stitch him a personalised luggage tag that shows time, care and love, and produces something he will actually be able to use. Hand stitch his initials onto the real leather tag (just follow this letter template for cool 3D font) and put in a nice address card. He’ll be ready for his next big adventure and can’t not be impressed that you went to the effort of bothering to stitch it just for him.



2. Fathers Ted Day / Goodfather Day, £3 // Hatty Bones

3. Bear with me, £3 // Sara Abu Heljeh @ Brand Academy store

If you like to keep sentiment understated, grab a fun card from some of London's best designers or illustrators. We adore the selection by Hatty Bones and Sara Abu-Hejleh that demonstrate love but disguise it under monochrome illustration and humourous pop-culture references. Afterall all Dad’s love a pun right..??


4. Tiger Toast Rack, £35 // Maid In China 

With my folks, time at home revolves around long mornings over breakfast, doing crosswords and drinking endless cups of coffee… Add something different to your Dad’s mornings with this fierce companion to guard his toast. Something he would never think to buy himself, that he certainly won’t be expecting and that will bring a little extra joy to every round of marmalade on toast. 


5. Stitchable Leather Passport Cover, £25 // Chasing Threads

If your Dad is an adventurer and has started to lose track of all the countries he’s travelled to, grab him a ‘stitch-where-you’ve-been’ leather cover and mark each of his trips with a cross. It makes a great gift to reminisce on old family holidays as well as discover the adventurous journeys he made before you came along.


6. Alphabet Mug, £5 // Huey London at Brand Academy

If you’d rather keep things simple, like a good old-fashioned mug of builders tea, then maybe a monogrammed mug by Huey is for you. Made from fine bone china, but still dishwasher safe, these mugs are a simple classic gift. For best results, serve with a box of Tetleys / a miniature of whisky / a bag of chocs.


7. Handmade Beach Paddles, £95 // Sandbucket

If your Dad is young at heart he might enjoy a classic and beautifully-made set of bat n’ ball! These beautiful paddles by Sandbucket apparel are hand-made in their workshop in Hong Kong, made from maple and walnut and waterproof coated for extra durability. Each pair comes with two balls and an organic cotton tote bag to make a lovely gift for your beach-loving Dad.


We hope you find something great for your Dad! 

Last note... All these brands rely on your orders, so even if it’s just a card, do try and take time to buy something that supports independent designers / makers and keeps the high street interesting- it really does make all the difference 🤗

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