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Stitch Yourself Luggage Tag!

For the ultimate ‘matching luggage’ why not use our Stitch Luggage Tag for a mini self-portrait?! The tag is the perfect size to make a 'mini-me' in cross stitch, along with your initials next to it. I created this one for my friend Sara recently, and just love the effect!

Stitch yourself luggage tag in grey cross stitch

It makes a perfect gift to surprise someone by stitching up their avatar. I love the way that little changes to the hair or clothing can be so effective in recreating your subject in thread.

So first off, download and print our blank template so you can start to draw out the design. I've left Sara's portrait next to it for reference. Simply adjust the colours & crosses to change the outfit / hair accordingly. 

If you're more of a digital person you can easily design online using Stitch Fiddle's amazing tool. Create a new Cross Stitch Chart and set the width to 13 and height of 22, as shown below:

You can then chose the thread colours you wish and try out the design as you like as it's easy to switch colours or undo changes. 

I used colour pens to design mine...

Once you're happy with your design - either digital or analogue - begin to stitch it up! I'd recommend getting the body done first and adding the details like shoe laces, eyes and lips at the end. 



If you've left space at the side for initials then add a small and simple font to complete the design. Pop your business card inside the interior pouch and it's ready for your luggage! (Or your backpack / handbag)

Stitch Luggage Tag in Grey with avatar and initials cross stitched

And of course, don't forget to wear this outfit for every future flight 💁🏻‍♀️🧳

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