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Launching on Kickstarter!

Making products is an expensive and risky game! So far all products from Chasing threads & Maid In China have been paid for by myself from savings and reinvesting everything back into making more products.

Now that the Chasing Threads collection is really taking off, I am now growing the range quicker than expected. While new products are exciting they can be extremely expensive (and daunting!) & so I have decided to try launching the next product on Kickstarter to spread the risk as well as the word. 

Having spent this week researching 'how to make a successful campaign' I have been mainly overwhelmed by some of the budgets and months of planning behind lots of these launches. So while I have been planning the product for nearly 6 months, and making a video for 4 weeks, the rest has been a bit of a 'give it a go' 

I am launching with a party in Hong Kong's 'Naked Hub Gallery' in Sai Ying Pun and so if you are in the area please do come down and enjoy beer C/O Pilsner Urquell / pizza / product giveaways and a chance to see the Kickstarter page go live. 

And watch this space for the Kickstarter which will have great new products for rewards, as well as some cool events in the coming months.

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