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Interview with a Thread Chaser (in lockdown!) @irene_madhaj

While Hights across the world are grounded, it is a strange time indeed for the self-confessed 'travel addicts'. I wanted to chat to some of our community and share a bit about their experience of 2020: some of the unexpected positives that have come out of the year that planes did not Hy.

This week I spoke with Irene Madhaj after she sent some stunning photos of her Mint Passport Cover from her home in Sicily. Her page is a visual treat of creative travel photography and striking adventures which has me desperate to visit Italy (and the rest)! We chatted lockdown, travel essentials and stitches....

Tell us about where you live!

I live in Italy, speciTcally in Catania, in Sicily, which is a city on the sea characterized by the presence of the most active volcano of the Eurasian plate, Etna.
I have lived in Sicily for only 8 years, before I lived in Florence, the city of art known all over the world for its beauty. And I often go there to visit my family.
Even if my dream is to move to the United States of America!


As such a keen traveller, how have you kept busy / sane during lockdown?

For us travelers, the lockdown was really diYcult as the lack of travel was felt a lot.
Especially for those who own a blog or an Instagram page where there are followers to entertain and to give advice to.
I have decided to focus my time at home by learning new skills! I have invested in my training to be able to offer high quality content. I have tried to occupy my time by learning to play a musical instrument (ukulele), taking care of my garden and organizing my future travels in detail when possible.

What are your travel essentials?

My travel essentials are:
- My backpack from Fjallraven kanken, very useful for me because it allows me to insert everything I need and has an excellent internal pocket for my pc (indispensable for a traveler).
- my Chasing Threads passport holder, which represents me to the fullest.
- my Canon camera (1200D) to be able to take pictures of my travels
- the water bottle (I am very attentive to sustainability)
- my diary where I write down everything
- my travel journal, essential for me


Tell us about the stitches you’ve added to your Passport Cover- what does each mean to you?

I added these stitches to my Passport Cover:
- Barcelona, Spain: it was my Trst trip paid for with my savings (a beautiful memory for me)
- Paris, France: a trip given to me by my boyfriend and then redone with my mom, two very important people who have made this place unique in the world.
- Albania: place where I was born and one day I want to visit even better
- Egypt: my Trst trip ever!
- New York, USA: my childhood dream came true.
I have decided to include the most important journeys in this Passport Cover

Follow Irene on her Instagram page @irene_madhaj
Shop her Mint Passport Cover

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