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Interview with a Thread Chaser (in lockdown!) @krista.the.explorer

Some parts of the world have started to open up, while others are still in lockdown - with red listed countries, travel bans and flights grounded like never before, I've been wondering how travel-addicts have kept busy over this unprecedented time? Continuing my chats with Thread Chasers, this week I caught up with @krista.the.explorer to see how she's handled life in the year global movement was restricted. 

Krista the explorer

A self-confessed 'Castle Connoisseur', Krista shares her travels to unique destinations that are sprinkled with a bit of history. With beautiful photography that captures her explorations through medieval history, archaeology and food. During lockdown she has been in Spain - with no shortage of gorgeous backdrops, which you can see across her page and blog

Krista the explorer

We chatted lockdown, travel essentials and stitches.... 

Tell us about where you live!

I have been living in Málaga in southern Spain for the past year, but normally I am based out of Northwest England. I tend to split my time between England and Canada as much as possible when I’m not travelling around Europe.

As such a keen traveller, how have you kept busy / sane during lockdown?

Luckily I was able to leave England just before the stay-at-home lockdown hit last summer, so I have been in lockdowns on and off in Málaga for the past year. Most of the lockdowns have been local ones, so we were able to travel around either the city or the province without too much hassle - although not many things have been open!

Now that things are starting to open up are you desperate to get back exploring?

I am very excited to be able to travel between different countries again! I have thoroughly enjoyed touring around southern Spain this past year, but there’s always a yearning to go somewhere new and experience different cultures.

What are the next places on your list?

I’ve had a trip to Greece postponed since last May, so I’m hoping to travel there at some point this year if all things go to plan. I would also like to plan a second trip to Iceland and see other parts of the country that are further away from Reykjavik. If those two fail, I’ve always wanted to go to Romania and walk through the historic streets of its cities and go on a scenic drive through its beautiful landscapes.

What are your travel essentials?

I try to pack as light as possible when I travel so that I can move from place to place quicker. The things I always bring with me are:

  • Stitch passport cover
  • Canon 90D (plus extra batteries and different lenses)
  • Tripod
  • Large and comfortable backpack (I switch them depending on how long my trip is)
  • iPhone and portable charger (can’t stress bringing a portable charger with you enough)
  • Sunglasses (even if the weather isn’t playing nice)
  • My Tropicfeel trainers which are very light, comfortable, and quick drying
  • A small laptop for blog writing and uploading photos

Tell us about the stitches you’ve added to your Passport Cover- what does each mean to you?

Toronto - the closest major city to my hometown

UK - where my family is from and where I went to university

Spain - where my girlfriend is from and where I’ve been travelling the most recently

Iceland - my favourite country so far

Italy - some of the best food I’ve ever eaten was in Naples and Milan

Moscow, Russia - it had been on my bucket list for a long time so I was excited to visit it a couple of summers ago

St Petersburg, Russia - another bucket list destination, and one I would love to go back to again

Poland - one of my first trips when I was at university and where part of my family are from

Stitch where you've been map passport cover in grey leather with orange thread

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Stitch where you've been map passport cover in grey leather with orange thread 

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