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Unique Christmas Gift ideas for travel-lovers

Christmas 2021 is coming quick! So we've rounded up the perfect Christmas Gifts for travel-lovers that are missing the aeroplane during lockdown.

What do you buy for your travel-mad friends during a global pandemic? While we know the feeling of pining for a plane ticket to somewhere new, this year has put a hold on plenty of holidays, gap year adventures, honeymoons and cruises.

So while much of the world is stuck in quarantine and flights are grounded - here are some gift ideas for friends that can’t wait to get back in the air or on the road. 

Think fun and unique items that will bring joy & inspiration to their lockdown life, rather than a reminder of quarantine despair in the non-departure lounge...


Room with a view

Teev window flight frames plane view travel gift

These photo frames by Teev are a firm fave of ours. In fact we have been using them for our trade show displays for the last few years and would happily have them in our living room for awesomely unique decor. The ability to add your own photos or plane window views makes them a versatile gift. And now you can make sure you always get the window seat… 

Buy at Design Boom, $89

Stitch now, travel later

We might be biased but we do sell the best passport cover out there..! And it is the only Passport Cover that offers craft opportunities to keep you busy even if you aren't able to use it for travel right now. 
These beautiful perforated leather covers have remained an ideal gift throughout COVID - because they can be used as a visual bucket-list of all the places visited and still to explore. We can add a cute gift note for the receiver, like 'we *will* use this very soon to explore a post-covid world together.'
Stitch it now while you have time to reminisce (and study Google Maps for precision…). Ready for your first airport selfie when the time finally comes… 

Buy at, £25


Visit distant lands

Books can transport you far far away. Why not send something to inspire next year’s ultimate road trip..?  On the Road by Jack Kerouac swings to the rhythms of 1950s underground America, jazz, sex, generosity, chill dawns and drugs, with Sal Paradise and his hero Dean Moriarty, traveller and mystic, the living epitome of Beat. Now recognized as a modern classic, its American Dream is nearer that of Walt Whitman than Scott Fitzgerald, and it goes racing towards the sunset with unforgettable exuberance, poignancy and autobiographical passion.

Buy a classic edition from Gift-Smith, who has a lovely concept of sending beautiful second-hand books as gifts, spreading joy and delight in a sustainable, planet-friendly way. 

Buy a selection second hand from Gift-Smith, £12


Stick a pin in your plans

Suck UK cork globe, travel decor pin your travels

Pinpoint the places you’ve been or plan your future travels in 3D.  Mounted on a stainless steel base and supplied with a set of red pins, the unique globe by Suck UK is available in large 10 inches (25cm) and mini 5.5 inches (14cm), and is the perfect gift for adventurous friends. 

Buy at Suck UK, from £60


Revisit your creativity 

Cross Stitch Map sew your travels in thread

Time to switch up the interior decor with your own crafted Wall Map. The Cross Stitch Map provides a great DIY project for those stuck at home.
Combining an embroidery kit with a geography lesson - you can get amazingly creative or just keep it simple with colourful crosses. 

Buy at, £25

We hope this gives you some ideas for gifts to cheer up your adventurous friends. Hopefully we will all be back to what we love soon.

Sew you can get right back where you left off.

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