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Creative Valentine's gift ideas with a twist

With everything going on right now, it is the perfect time for showing love to your cohabitant(s) or sending love in the post. Whether that means something for your Valentine, palentine, or yourself; there's maybe no better way to show love, than to sew love (!) or get crafty with alternative gifts. 

And sending a valentine's gift needn't only be smooshy... With a little creativity you can send a truly personalised message that cuts through the cheesy commercialism of the day of Saint Valentine.

Old Skool Luv

When thinking about gifts for friends I love anything that encourages a bit of reminiscence. Especially when it also involves food. Party snacks and goodie bag treats from childhood were probably the most fun and exciting gift as a kid. So I loved stitching this homage to the classic Love Hearts sweets by Swizzels Matlow - where you can choose your own love-related message! 

Go cheeky or charming with your design, and then fill the pouch with a bundle of fun sweets (and classroom-style notes) that would brighten up anyone's Valentine's Day. 

I used the Stitch Envelope Pouch and Rainbow Threads with Love Heart Template stitched on for this design. And I chose these phrases especially with 2020/21 in mind... 

But you could go cute with the original 'Best Buds', 'Be Happy' or apt 'Miss U'. Alternatively follow the newest Gen Z versions of the sweet which include 'Skype Me', 'YOLO' and emojis...  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Lasting letters 

Try our Love Heart Envelope for a lovely way to send a really special message to someone by post. I used the pre-stitched pouches with hand-written letters inside asking my best-friends to be bridesmaids. (Though right now, any post from the outside world is well and truly valued, even if you're writing out your banana bread recipe...) Add some photos of the 2 of you together and you've got yourself a very lovely, simple and special galentine gift. 

Love heart Pouch

Or maybe you can't find a place to store all those love letters and cards from your secret admirers?? (I know right.)
Our Heart Strings Envelope Pouch is also perfect for keeping them all together.

heart string pouch with love letters valentines giftOr use the mini Heart Strings Purse to store a gift card or little love note...

heart strings purse stitched in red thread

The WFH stitch up 

You've been sharing a home office for almost a year, and have (practically) survived! That surely deserves a gift for you both... 

While you're still taking turns to use the kitchen table as a work desk, those laptops are working over time. Why not stitch something to store your partner's (and your) precious MacBook?

An absolute blank canvas, this sleeve could have them in stitches (sorry) with a private joke or cultural throwback...

Passive aggressive work expressions highly encouraged, like this example by @megcookie96

pink stitch laptop sleeve with per my last email stitched

Or stick to their initials, which will only take a few hours to sew up. Choose from our 4 colour Laptop Sleeves, which come as a kit ready (and easy) to stitch. The end result looks like a true work of art - and a bespoke sleeve that they can proudly carry to the office (when the office is open again...)

man carrying brown stitched laptop case with M 3D initials stitched in green and teal 

A roaring breakfast in bed

Make the most of not being able to go anywhere with a leisurely V Day morning. Top marks for bringing your loved one breakfast in bed, ideally served on the jazziest tableware around. Alongside Chasing Threads, we make a seriously fun range of mugs and tea sets, including our best-selling Tiger Toast Rack under our sister brand Maid In China

The circus-inspired collection is sure to bring a smile to your partner's morning. Even if you burn the toast.  

tiger toast rack breakfast in bed

Don't forget to serve up a feast of fruits and pancakes, and enjoy staying in your PJs all day long.

Tiger Toast rack at the breakfast table for valentines day

Pin there, do that

2020 almost certainly stuck a pin in your romantic holiday plans, so it's time to start getting your own back!

Pinpoint the places you’ve been and plan your future travels in 3D on our Cork Globe. Supplied with red push pins, this would make a great gift to start to think ahead to those dream destinations again.

For a creative valentines twist, pin on post-it notes and photos like 'Where we met', 'That time we skinny dipped at midnight' or 'World's greatest egg tarts were here'...

Cork Globe


Bae-con roses

If you want to use a bit of creativity but don't have time to order anything online, try spending an afternoon making something both beautiful and delicious. These bacon roses were tried and tested - and were as ridiculous as they were brilliant! 

 bacon roses creative valentine gift

All you need is bacon, maple syrup, toothpicks, some foliage and mood lighting. Then go wild with all the meat puns until your partner says "You're bacon me crazy"...

 bacon roses for creative valentines


I hope this gives you some ideas for unique gifts for V Day. If nothing else, remember how nice it is to receive love, any day of the year. And a little imagination goes a very long way...

Big love!

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