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Adding flowers to your world - stitch tutorial to create French knots

I've been sewing a lot of flowers on our products recently, and it's fair to say, I'm a little obsessed. This technique only really works on the canvas products (tote bags, wall banner etc) rather than the leather - (unless you are a pro and able to make extra holes in the leather) - but the results are beautiful! This tutorial was done using our Stitch Wall Banner, and the Rainbow Threads that come with it. 


Create your own botanical world! The first step, is to master the French knot

 How to make a French knot

 1. We recommend dividing normal embroidery thread (6 strands) in half down to 3 strands. 

2. Thread your needle and knot the other end

3. Put your needle up through the back of the fabric in the middle of where you want your French knot. 

4. Holding the needle with your right hand and the thread with your left, wrap the threads around the needle twice. 

5. Keep the thread taut, and push the needle back down through the fabric, next to your starting point. 

6. Make sure the you are still pulling the thread tight with your left hand until the needle is drawn right through the fabric. 

7. This should create a tight neat knot. Then repeat, repeat repeat! With this technique, the more you do, the better it looks. Especially if you use multiple thread colours to create the illusion of a sea of flowers 🌼


Follow our video tutorial

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