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5 Tips before you start stitching your Passport Cover ✖️

Before you dive right in, check out our top tips for getting the best results from your new Stitch Passport Cover 🪡 

1. Divide your thread

The cotton embroidery thread that comes with your passport cover is made up of 6 strands. We recommend dividing this in half and stitching with just 3 strands for smaller, neater stitches. 

*Not applicable if you're using the metallic gold threads

If you prefer the chunkier stitches then you can use all 6 strands, with no need to separate...

2. Thread your needle & knot the end

The fat needle provided should be fairly easy to thread without a needle threader. Moisten and twist the end to help keep the strands together as you push them through the needle's eye. Tie a simple knot in the other end!

3. Start stitching!

Find your starting position from the back, and then you're ready to add crosses to your destinations. Get your maps out and plot the locations you want to cross off. Add bigger stitches for home, or a heart over somewhere special 💘

4. Tie off to secure

When you've added your last stitch (for now!) you'll want to tie off the thread to stop the stitches undoing. Simply go through a stitch at the back, put your needle through the loop and pull tight. Repeat this, then cut off your loose threads. 

5. Get creative with colour!

We love colour! Grab a set of Rainbow Threads for a magnitude of multicolour personalisation options. We recommend sewing along your destinations in a rainbow of colour for an awesome result like this one. Use our Rainbow World Template to help. 

Alternatively, use a different colour thread for the trips you've taken each year. 

Upgrade with some extra colour or sparkle from our Rainbow or Electric thread kits⚡️

 Watch our full 'How to stitch' video. 

We really hope you enjoy stitching your Passport Cover! We LOVE seeing your stitches so do tag us @chasing_threads / #stitchpassportcover or send us an email to say hi at 👋🏼

Thanks for stitching with us,


Founder, Chasing Threads


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