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5 magical project ideas for personalised gifts that will make their (Christmas) Day ✨

There really is no nicer gift than something you've spent time personalising for someone.

Why not surprise them with a present that was quite literally, made for them. And use those dark winter evenings for some easy cross stitch projects, that will have big impact on Christmas morning...

#1 Pre-stitched Backpack

Stitched backpack with floral design and BA initials

Gifting a personalised backpack would be truly special. There are so many amazing designs you could do... but keeping it simple with initials (and maybe some cross-stitch flowers 🌸...) still looks stunning and uniquely theirs. 

Time to personalise: 1.5 hours3.5 hours with flowers
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#2 Pre-stitched Luggage Tags

Stitched monogram luggage tags in bright colours

Imagine presenting your whole family with their own personalised luggage tags - a different colour for everyone, and bold monogram letters for each family member... 

That’s exactly what one of my customers is doing right now- pre-stitching a different one for each of them. Such a lovely idea that would be so lovely to present over Christmas lunch 😍

Time to personalise: 1.5 hours per tag
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#3 Star Sign Envelope

Star Sign Envelope Pouch with Scorpio stitched

Do you know someone that checks their horoscope without fail? Show that you know you are astrological soulmates by stitching up their star sign. You can also easily get creative and stitch in extra stars, a name or special date. If you are looking for a sign, this is it

Time to personalise: 45 minutes
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#4 Heart embroidered Passport Cover

Matching passport gift set with heart stitched in brown and pink leather

Share that unspoken love for your treasured location with someone special by adding a simple heart. A matching set of passport covers is such a nice gift to represent travelling through life with your partner (or travel bestie!) 💘

Time to personalise:  10 mins for a heart | As long as it takes to stitch the places they have been..!
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#5 Pre-stitched Laptop Sleeve

Personalised Laptop sleeve

Tech meets craft with our beautiful laptop sleeves that safely store 13" laptops. Embellish with a slogan, or keep it simple with their initials - they'll have everyone at the office asking "Where did you get that?!" 

Time to personalise:  1.5 hours for 2 or 3 letters 
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Pre-stitching service

Our pre-stitching monogram service is coming soon, in case all that sewing seems a bit intimidating... let us stitch your items for you!

We've often been asked over the years if we can pre-stitch products - and quite honestly we (I) haven't been able to commit time to it. But I'm excited to be working with some lovely cross-stitchers that can sew the items to order, so that personalised gifts will be accessible for everyone - even those that don't fancy picking up a needle & thread.

Watch this space.

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